About us

The quality of the products, manufactured by SPARKY GROUP has made SPARKY one of the top selling brands around the globe today. SPARKY is one of the most rapidly growing power tool brands in Europe.

Professionalism and Excellence

SPARKY GROUP has a clearly focused strategy of generating profitable growth through reinvestment in order to maintain the technical excellence of their innovative and reliable products.

Commitment and Goals

We are committed to providing superior value and service to our customers and sustained profitability to our shareholders by investing in our people and products.
We lead through innovation and outstanding product safety, efficiency and performance.


We have a clear and shared strategy of profitable growth with a strong focus on the technical excellence incorporated in attractive products and services.

We still have numerous challenges to face, efforts to produce, results to deliver, and many people to convince. Our achievements are very motivating for all of us and give confidence to our partners. We are committed to striving for excellence in environmental protection and safety management.

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