Shareholders information

SPARKY ELTOS AD is a company whose main activities include research and development, design, commercial activities, intermediacy, representative and production activities in the field of power tools, special instruments and engines for power tools, special instruments and collectors.

The Company was enlisted in the Company Register of the Lovech District Court as a joint-stock company No. 37/3 May 1989 under No. 3, volume 2, page 9 in the inventory of the Lovech District Court, BULSTAT No. 820147084, tax No. 1110000061.

As of 31 December 2007, the Company has a registered office, business address, telephone, telefax, e-mail, website as follows:
Lovech, 9 Kubrat Str.
Тelephone: +359 68 600 550; Fax: +359 68 600 580

The registered capital which amounts to BGN 16,735,320 is distributed to 16,735,320 dematerialized nominal shares at par value of BGN 1 each. The following changes in the capital of the Company have been made in the last three years:

As of 31 December 2008, the structure of the capital of SPARKY ELTOS AD is as follows:

Name of shareholderPercentage of capital owner
Julius Baer International Equity Fund and Julius Baer Institutional International, New York, USA 9.17%
Other legal entities 11.91%
Other physical bodies 9.39%


SPARKY ELTOS AD has a two-tier management structure – it has a Supervisory Board and Management Board.



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